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Cup cake Hantaran Hijau -Putih

cc hantaran

cc hantaran

cc hantaran

Set Cup cakes Hantaran bertemakan Hijau-Putih.Order dari Nur mama Abqari :). design mengikut gambar yg Nur bagi. terimakasih kepada empunya idea asal CC ni.
Thank you very much Nur šŸ™‚


Cup cake Basket

Cup cakes in the basket. I think the basket’s price is more expensive than the cupcakes…hi..hi..
Anyway…I still have some cupcakes left,then dare to make this ‘cupcakes arrangement’. QUite tricky as the cup cakes seem to fall down. it’s shaky šŸ™‚
But finally I did this.

enjoy the ‘not so clear pic’ thanks